Good thing garage has Heating and A/C – storing exercise equipment

For multiple years I was carefully looking for my dream house.

I was not in a dire situation where I needed to transport right away.

Furthermore, I didn’t want to invest in a piece of property on a whim and regret it down the road. That’s why I took my sweet time and certainly viewed over a hundred houses before I found 1 that truly struck my fancy. That’s when I finally put down an offer on my first loft and prayed that the owners would accept my financing. I am easily glad to report that I was able to secure the house of my dreams. The only problem was… I had a lot of things to store for my sister. This is how I wound up with a garage full of exercise device that didn’t belong to me. Thank God, my heating, cooling, and air quality control method included a separate mini split ductless heating and cooling component that reasonablely controls the indoor air temperature and air quality throughout the garage. I realized that I needed this mini split ductless heating and cooling systems to be running all the time the difficult way. One day I went into the garage and realized that there was a lot of mold and mildew growing towards the ceiling. Apparently, the indoor air was getting way too humid and the moist air quality was potentially damaging the pricey exercise equipment. I started utilizing the mini split ductless Heating and A/C method every day, nonstop. Thank God, my sister never saw all of the mold and mildew growing on her exercise equipment. However, I hope she understands that I need help paying my energy bill to store her stuff.
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