getting heated floors installed was very messy

My wife and the kids really wanted a dog.

I didn’t want one but, of course, we got a dog anyway.

However, I was adamant that the dog was not allowed on the furniture. My family agreed and, to my surprise, the dog never really seemed to want to go up on the furniture. For one thing, it’s a really small dog. But I think it’s really our heated floors that keep the dog happy on the floor. He seems really content to just soak in the heat all day long. About five years ago, I talked my wife into having our central heater replaced with new electric heated floors. It was a lot of work and it made a huge mess. However, when it was all said and done, we were all very happy to have the heated floors. The heat radiates upwards and our whole home stays warm and comfortable all winter long. It saves a lot on our electric bill too. Of course, when we got the heated floors installed, we couldn’t afford to pay for them all at once. We are still paying off the bill. My wife likes to complain about the $50 a month that we are still paying. However, she had all but stopped complaining now that we got the dog. If she does bring it up, I just tell her we got the heated floors for the dog. However, this backfires too. If I complain about the mess the dog makes, my wife reminds me of the huge mess that installing the electric floor is made. There really is no comparison.


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