Finding my way with an HVAC job

Once upon a time there was a little boy who hated school. That boy was me, from the very first day I went to elementary school, until my very last day of high school, I never cared for it. My dad explained it to me this way — he worked, my mom took care of the house, and I went to school. That was my job, until I was old enough to have a job. I just looked forward to having the type of job that paid money, to which my dad said that doing well in school would get me more money later. He was an HVAC man, and had been so since he had graduated from high school some 15 years earlier. He never tried to actively recruit me to follow in his footsteps, but I did learn a lot about heating and cooling systems over the years, just through proximity. When it did come time for me to get a real job, I found that all the real world HVAC experience I had accumulated over the years was more valuable than my diploma. It was very easy to get an OK job with my dad’s employing HVAC company, but it was just OK at first. I come to find out that going back to school was necessary because I needed to get my HVAC certification before they could hire me as a technician. I worked part time while I took the HVAC prep courses at night, but I found them much easier than high school had ever been.
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