Finally started doing something that doesn’t stress me out

For quite some time, I knew that I wasn’t where I needed to be in life.

  • I was basically stuck with this task that I absolutely hated.

I swore that if my boss got on my case about another petty thing, I was going to hit the road plus say goodbye forever. Well, she actually did provide me a difficult time saying that I wasn’t smiling enough when toiling with the buyers. I felt I smiled just fine, it just wasn’t fake smile phony conversations. So I left the task because I couldn’t deal with this company any longer. I ended up just picking up some junk from the junkyard plus tried to do something with everything. I ended up making a statue of junk which surprisingly looked good. It had this nice artistic look plus I couldn’t guess it when I sold it for a pretty penny. So I started other projects in my garage. One thing I realized was it was too hot in there, so I hooked up my own DIY ductless mini split in there. It was pretty simple because I checked out the upgrade video online. Then I restored furniture plus fixed up some other HVAC components. I ended up selling these things for enjoyable money. I basically turned this little interest into a business plus I am now making more money than what I was making toiling at that deadend task that was stressing me out. I sincerely wish I would have done something prefer this for longer, I would have been a lot more stress free.

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