Family cabin gets facelift and ductless HVAC

We all need a place where we feel connected and centered. For some people, that space is in their home. This is a good thing. I know that I come home to a house that provides instant HVAC comfort among other amenities. However, I still need something different to truly reset and reconnect or recharge. That place for me is the cabin we have in the woods. I should clarify the “we”. It is a family cabin I share with my brothers and sister. This is a place that my dad bought nearly 60 years. He built the cabin with his hands. While not a craftsman, it really is sturdy and totally functional. We have kept it up over the years and I love to get out of the HVAC comfort of home and out to the quiet of the woods. However, over the last several years, the family has been suggesting fixing up the cabin a bit. The idea is to make it a bit more liveable and comfortable. I have to admit that I was not onboard with this idea initially. However, after a vote, it was decided that we would start doing a few things to make the cabin more accessible to everyone. We started by sealing it up a bit more and putting in a proper floor. Then we added so decent furnishings and made the kitchen more user friendly. The final touch was to add a ductless heating & cooling unit to the place. Now, there is plenty of comfort to be had by all when reconnecting and recharging.
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