Ex tries to sabotage AC so I call him for help

Sometimes I wonder if human beings are all completely insane.

I have taken a look around at my peers many times and considered that they were all completely off their rockers.

It just seems like society has accepted certain measures of mental illness while it has outcast others. For instance, I think that it’s completely unfair that our society accepts the stereotype of a “crazy woman” so readily. However, we are very resistant to consider a “crazy man” in the context of a similar break up. But let me tell you about my crazy ex and let you make your own decisions. When we broke up, my ex decided that he was going to torture me with a hot-and-cold experience I could never forget. No, he wasn’t fluctuating between being kind and being mean… He literally tried to sabotage my indoor air temperature control equipment as a security measure. You see, when we were together I professed that I had no idea how central heating and cooling equipment worked. My ex was always happy to troubleshoot the air conditioning and heating problems that we ran into, and I was happy to let him play heating and cooling technician. He definitely knew his way around an air handling machine, and I was happy to save money on professional HVAC repair services. When we broke up, clearly my ex decided that the heating and cooling system was his ticket back into my heart. I caught him outside in the middle of the night fiddling with my air conditioning unit a few weeks after we broke up. I didn’t even need to ask what was going on… My crazy ex was sabotaging my AC system so that I would have to call him for help. Tell me that that isn’t insane.