Ensure the best price for your home with HVAC upgrade

There is something comforting about dealing with people who can look you in the eye. Sure, that doesn’t mean that some folks won’t lie right to your face. But, those people are generally sort of sociopathic anyway. No, I like those people who will look me in the eye and give me their unvarnished take. It’s fundamental to the way I do business. As a realtor, I want to instill a sense of transparency and trust. This is important when you are suggesting something like an HVAC upgrade to a seller. This can be challenging but, I have been fairly successful just being honest and forthright. But, it doesn’t mean that I am always on the same page with a seller or a buyer. So it’s important to be earnest as well as compassionate. Most sellers love their home and see it through that lens. However, there are essential upgrades that have to happen in order to get the best price for a home. The HVAC is a big part of that. I understand that a seller doesn’t really want to make a big cash outlay for a new HVAC unit. However, the data just does not lie. In our area in particular, HVAC is a big, big deal. We deal with a combination of heat and humidity that requires reliable, up to date and efficient HVAC. Otherwise, a buyer will simply walk away from the house even when they like everything else. So, I just methodically lay out the facts. A short term investment for a new HVAC will result in a much bigger payout in when the home sells.


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