Ductless house, glad family

When you have a giant family things get very complicated.

It’s strenuous enough to have a couple of teenagers running around when you are laboring full-time, however, when you are juggling a full-time task and 4 children things get severely challenging! This was something that my fiance and I realized early on when all of us began quarantining this year, but all of a sudden, all of us were trapped in a house where all of us had no peace and quiet. The teenagers were constantly fighting with each other, even mundane things like the indoor air temperature control idea became grounds for sibling battles. This is when my fiance and I started contemplating our central heating, cooling, and air quality control idea for the first time! Maybe it wasn’t wise to have a centralized air temperature control idea when there were so many diverse opinions about air temperature under 1 roof. The two of us considered having a full heating, cooling, and ventilation upgrade in the form of zone control heating and cooling. However, eventually all of us decided that it was more cost and energy effective if all of us installed separate heating, cooling, and ventilation devices throughout the house. The two of us hastily situated some affordable mini split ductless heating and cooling systems that were energy efficient and simple to maintain through simple air filter fluctuations. The two of us sited a mini split ductless heating and cooling idea in each room of the house. After that, our energy bills dropped within a month. Even better yet, our teenagers stopped bickering so much about the indoor air temperature controls, and don’t worry, they promptly found current things to argument about.
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