Don’t do this

I am a single who prefers to burn incense in the house.

It particularly relaxes myself and others and it is also a great destresser.

The only negative of this was something that I found out recently. My local heating and A/C specialist was at our up-to-date home doing their regular Heating and A/C tune up and check up for the season, and they mentioned that our HVAC duct needed to be cleaned badly. I was confused as I just had cleaned the HVAC duct a few months earlier. It was then the heating and A/C specialist mentioned to myself and others that it was all because of myself and others consistently burning our incense in the house. What it did was clog up the HVAC duct of the central heating and A/C causing awful indoor air quality. I had no idea! The heating and cooling specialist said that it was no weird than smoking cigarettes in the house. This made myself and others rethink our appreciate for burning incense in the house. As much as I appreciate it, I do not want our indoor air quality to suffer and I do not want to clog up the HVAC duct or the air ducts of our central heating and A/C because of it. I thanked the certified heating and A/C specialist for alerting myself and others to this immense mistake I had been making in our up-to-date home by burning the incense. I will have to have to find another form of relaxation in our beach house in order to keep things good. Maybe I will invest in some kind of a fireplace. That would be nice!

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