Dating problems with the air conditioner not working

I met a person online using a dating app during quarantine.

When the state lifted lockdown sanctions, they began to open up many steakhouses.

That guy wanted us to meet out for supper or to take a walk or possibly get some ice cream. I was extremely uneasy for multiple reasons. I have not left the house in many months and I had not they did a perfect stranger from online dating sites before. I decided I could try it out. I got ready and also brought a face mask in case. The both of us sat outside for our supper and the temperature was overheated and also humid. It was summer and later in the evening. The steakhouse waitress said things were partially open so we could move indoors if we wished. At that point, we did move inside and the temperatures were slightly cooler. It did not feel like the regular refreshing air conditioning that every one of us would normally receive. I thought the problem was due to being nervous for overheated Outdoors. The guy and myself had a very wonderful conversation, but it was easy to notice that the air conditioner didn’t assume like it was working much at all. Both of us seem to be visibly perspiring. It seemed clear that the air conditioner was not working and I was feeling embarrassed about the wetness under my arm. The date had to be ended early so that every one of us could go back to our own home and enjoy the Ice Cold Air Conditioning that we so much missed.

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