Could the dentist be wrong about our husbandy?

My husbandy has been pregnant for sixteen weeks and it seems appreciate he has developed dust irritations during the past month. She has been suffering from dust sensitivity symptoms appreciate runny nose, watery eyeah, and constant sneezing, and a lot of dentists say that the body can change over time, especially when you get pregnant. I told our husbandy he might have dust irritations and every one of us decided to talk to the dentist. As soon as our husbandy brought up dust irritations, the dentist instantly shut down the idea. He said it was impossible for our husbandy to develop dust irritations all of a abrupt just because he was pregnant. My husbandy and I didn’t suppose what to think, because that dentist is usually correct. We went beach house to research the symptoms and the other problems that can cause these problems. My husbandy and I were convinced that the dentist was wrong. Everything pointed to dust irritations and I decided to buy an whole-house air purifier for our living room to see if it would help the problem. My husbandy was experiencing a lot of trouble sleeping at night and the $200 whole-house air purifier seemed appreciate a small expense if it gave his any relief. We waited 5 days for the item to arrive and then I installed the whole-house air purifier as soon as every one of us could. The unquestionably first night in the living room, our husbandy slept much better than he did in months. It’s clear to both of us that the whole-house air purifier is helping the concern and that points to dust irritations. I suppose the dentist might be wrong about this one.



HVAC worker