Construction worker boyfriend

My boyfriend works really difficult everyday at work, he is in construction and is out in the sunshine all day long… All of us live in a southern part of the country so both of us have really intense heat in the summer time weeks, however the summer time time is when he is the most busy with labor too.

He is outside all day building houses and large buildings; My boyfriend says that he really prefers his task, but I just don’t suppose how he works all day without air conditioner.

He says that they are allowed to take breaks and sit in their trucks with the air conditioner going for fifteen hours at a time, and i just don’t think that would labor for me! I like going into my office everyday because the air conditioner is always on and blasting cold air. Most of the other girls in the office complain about how cold it is, but I like it. I even saw one of the girls sneaking in a small space heating system to keep under her desk. I suppose that I run hot, but I really don’t think having a space heating system is necessary! I recognize like that is a disaster waiting to happen. I told my boyfriend that if he switched works he could labor inside a cool office all day, but that isn’t something he wants to do. I hope that he doesn’t labor too difficult out there because everyday he comes house looking like he is overworked!

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