Can still hear the cat through the vents

Recently I l received about a term that explains so much about my personality.

It turns out, there are people who are known as HSP’s on this planet.

To be particular, this term refers to highly sensitive people. These are human beings who are particularally tuned into their environments plus have a hard time filtering out the extraneous stimuli that aren’t necessary for staying alive. This is why particular people are so worried about controlling their indoor environments when it comes to lighting, sound infiltration, plus even temperature control. I will confess right now that I am severely sensitive when it comes to indoor air temperature. I am a bit of a thermostat control freak because I don’t do well when my body is feeling too sizzling or too cold. I cannot turn off the uncomfortable sensations plus I get genuinely distracted if my indoor air pollen levels is not on par. That being said, it can be even more hard to control your indoor air temperature plus environment when you have a loud cat disturbing the entire household. While I am sensitive to un-even temperatures, I am also severely sensitive to sound pollution… Unluckyly, my desire for consistent indoor air temperature also intermingles with my aversion to my family cat barking. Because the cat never shuts his mouth I can never concentrate, plus because the two of us have a central heating plus cooling system I can always hear the cat’s barks echoing through the central Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C HVAC duct. I cannot close my air vent to block out the sound of the cat because then the two of us will gain the high-quality indoor air that I need. As you can see, thanks to our air conditioner plus heating device operating on a duct-system, my highly sensitive personality makes life genuinely difficult.

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