Built a yoga studio in my house

For several years I truly enjoyed going to yoga, but I could never make myself do it.

  • I had such staggering anxiety that it was difficult for me to even leave the house most days, let alone carve out time to put on tight pants and sit in a room with judgemental strangers.

I felt like I was more stressed out after every single yoga class and I dreaded the sight of the members of my studio. Soon, I stopped going to the yoga wellness center at all and fell completely out of practice. My physical health and wellness quickly deteriorated since I was now living a totally stagnant lifestyle. I knew that I wanted to reinvest in my personal fitness and improve my wellness, but I couldn’t get into the expensive and crowded group fitness classes at my local yoga studio or gym. Eventually, I decided to bite the bullet and create my own yoga studio at home. All that I really needed was a high-quality yoga mat, a few yoga blocks, and a miniature space heater to create the sauna experience offered in hot yoga classes. I signed up for several yoga training courses online and began improving my fitness, one pose at a time. I found this private self practice much more effective than the overpopulated group fitness classes and strength training that was offered at my local studio or gym. Within a few months of creating my own yoga wellness center at home, I noticed massive changes in my physical condition and mental health. Now, I even teach group fitness classes online from the comfort of my own home.

Personal Trainer