Brother used HVAC skills to smoke-proof his house

My oldest brother has always been the most resourceful and tricky human I’ve ever known.

Growing up, he was a mischievous troublemaker who was constantly keeping us on our toes.

After that, he went through a few rough years when he terrorized the family with his resourceful theft and drug addiction. I’m happy to report, these days he is living on the up-and-up again. In fact, he’s a highly skilled heating and cooling technician by trade. Every day, he repairs residential and commercial heating and cooling appliances for a well-known ventilation dealership in our area. He has a very demanding schedule, but he loves the line of work because he is continually learning. Recently, he even figured out how to implement a brand new air quality control strategy at his own house. Unfortunately, he is using it for some bad habits. My brother has always been a pack a day smoker who has complained wholeheartedly about the necessity of going outside to light up. When he got into the HVAC industry, my brother started learning a lot about air purification methods and air quality control. He was exposed to all models of air purifiers and HEPA air filters. The next thing we knew, he had it tricked out his own central heating and cooling system to effectively remove 99% of airborne contaminants and odors. It only took him one afternoon to redesign and upgrade his HVAC system in accordance with his cancerous goals. Now, whenever we visit he kicks back with the most mischievous grin as he lights up a cigarette in his own living room.

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