Both of us slowly became connected to the stray cat

This past winter, there was this cat that kept coming up to our backdoor.

My fiance decided to feed the cat, however I was saying not to let the cat inside.

I thought the cat might be infested with fleas or have some kind of disease, then both of us didn’t suppose where that cat had been. My fiance felt so awful especially when it started snowing outside. The cat was there at the door just meowing, plus finally I gave in plus said the cat could come in temporarily. Both of us have a nice fireplace plus that cat went right near the fireplace to hot up. He particularly meowed towards me enjoy he was saying thank you for letting me hot up next to your fireplace. I even started feeding the cat plus I realized that the people I was with and I could not just send him back outside to freeze to death. Both of us ended up keeping the cat for the remainder of the Winter time plus I thought the people I was with and I would let the cat be on his way in the Springtime. Both of us did let the cat go outside, although he kept coming back plus he insisted on coming inside. I even noticed that the cat enjoyed kneeling next to the Heating plus Air Conditioning vent when the people I was with and I had the a/c method on. I thought that was odd how this cat seemed to care about good temperature control settings. My fiance plus I both became connected to this cat, plus it seemed enjoy the cat had adopted us as his parents. I never thought I would become connected to an pet enjoy that, however this little guy became a member of our family.