Baking in the Summer

I don’t suppose about you, however me and our husbandy love baking cookies in the summer.

That is not the best time of the year to be doing this because of the hot Summer sun and heat. Most people bake cookies at the holidays appreciate Christmas and Thanksgiving. Although all of us do that as well, the Summer is entirely our major baking time! How do all of us accomplish this without turning the apartment into an inferno you may be wondering? Well, first off all of us have a convection oven that all of us do the baking in. This makes it so that all of us do not have to turn on the large stove oven that all of us would use in the Winter and fall months of the year. The other things is all of us have a wonderful portable a/c method running which compliments the central a/c unit. Running both the portable a/c method and the central a/c method at the same time while doing the baking in the small oven makes it so that the kitchen stays cool. If it wasn’t for portable a/c, I am not sure if all of us would be able to pull this off at all. Every one of us didn’t have a portable a/c method until a few years ago when all of us realised that the kitchen was just getting too hot while all of us were in all this baking. Every one of us found out about using portable a/c units in the kitchen through a little bit of internet research. And it was the best thing all of us ever discovered when it came to heating and a/c products!


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