Back to school worries

Many schools have been shut down since the month of March to slow down the spread of covid-19 and also keep teachers, families, and students safe.

  • There are a hundred plans to reopen schools in multiple States during the fall.

I happen to live in the southern area where School usually begins in August. It is overheated and humid during that year Lee time. My school has lots of problems with air conditioners and Heat. The routine heating and air conditioning maintenance should be completed before school goes back. There aren’t respected plans yet, but other states have respected plans for going back to school. Students and also teachers will now be required to wear a mask throughout the whole day. Many others will face the same predicament for the fact that students should be separated. Of course, none of us saw any mention of heating and air conditioning in these plans. This is an important tool to make going back a better transition that will be safer and easier. It’s important that overheated classrooms have a well working air conditioner. Wearing many masks make it much warmer and harder to breathe. And overheated and human environment that is separate from air conditioners may cause people to remove those masks and increase infection risk. UV lights can help with heating and air conditioners and can also prevent the spread of infection. It’s difficult to think about teaching and the safety risks that are involved for both the students and also myself. There are a lot of things to think about.

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