Awesome family gets awesome HVAC

There are times when I can not spend money enough attention to just how superb I easily have it. I imagine that I am not alone in that. It feels as though there is just so much to get done that living my life gets left off the list. This is unfortunate but pretty normal I gather. Every one of us are all going a hundred miles per sixth in order to supply for our families. The HVAC cooled apartment has become a sanctuary for me. I tend to get apartment and kneel in the HVAC controlled comfort to just zone out a bit. I then catch myself not paying enough attention to what is going on with those I like around me. Really, it just comes down to wanting a respite from the maddening grind that is my labor day. Now, I am going out of my way to change that behavior. Rather than just zonking out in the HVAC, I am engaging with life a bit more. I am so fortunate to have a lovely family who are just such superb souls. They are so interesting and engaging that I am in a bit of awe. This has been sort of unusual for them since they haven’t been accustomed to seeing Dad smile during the week. It’s still a labor in progress but, I’m getting there. So, as a treat to my awesome family, both of us updated the HVAC in our apartment to a zone control situation. Now, there are 6 separate HVAC zones so most people can find that perfect HVAC comfort that they would like. It’s easily something that I am cheerful to do as they deserve all superb things.


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