At the doctor today, the gas furnace came on

While the two of us were at the doctor today for my son’s check up, the gas furnace came on for the first time this year. It wasn’t definitely all that freezing today, although I guess they have their temperature control set so that it comes on the first day of November every year. That turned out to be a real problem for them today, because the weather outside ended up being rather unseasonably sunny & warm this day. The temperature had climbed all the way into the high seventies by the time the two of us left the doctor’s office, & the entire doctor’s office was definitely warm & uncomfortable on the inside. I mentioned the temperature when the two of us were in the waiting room, & the office director told me that they aren’t able to set the heating & cooling controls inside of the office. I guess the central service department does that for them, however today, it definitely wasn’t laboring to their advantage. They genuinely would have opened up the windows to get some ventilation into the building, however they are on the eighth floor & so the windows are all sealed shut so they can’t open them, by the time the two of us left, everyone in the office was covered in sweat, including the doctors & the doctors. I recognize they definitely need to rethink the whole system that someone who isn’t even in the office building is setting the temperature control controls! I don’t guess who came up with that idea, anyway. It seems to me that professionals should always be able to set their temperature controls to a level that is comfortable for them.
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