An HVAC technician needs to have good people skills

I know that most people probably think that the most important skill that a heating and cooling technician can have is his ability to fix furnaces and air conditioning units.

Of course, that’s important, and you can’t be an HVAC technician without having those kinds of skills. You have to go to school and become certified and really know what you’re doing before you are allowed to work on a furnace or an air conditioning system in someone’s home or business. That’s just common knowledge, and that’s how it should be. It would be dangerous, otherwise. Improper repairs or maintenance work on HVAC systems can leave your home with faulty wiring or worse, which could cause all kinds of issues, including fires! Of course, no one wants that, and so HVAC certification is very important. But another thing that’s important for a heating and cooling technician to have is not something that most people think about. HVAC professionals also need to have good people skills and communication skills. When you’re out dealing with customers all day, you don’t want to be someone who doesn’t know how to communicate effectively. If you aren’t really a people person, then you probably shouldn’t become a residential or commercial HVAC technician. You might think that you’re only going to be working on heating and cooling systems all the time, but you’re also going to be talking to the owners of those heating and cooling systems too! Communication is sometimes underrated when it comes to careers like HVAC technicians, but it really shouldn’t be, in my opinion.

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