Zoned HVAC puts my family in the zone

Like any family, we are a group of individuals with different needs.

However, I sometimes forget this very basic dynamic to family life.

Even though I have been married for over 20 years. Living in the same space day in and day out, I tend to take my family’s comfort for granted at times. This is never more apparent than how contentious it got over the HVAC setting. I just assumed that if I was comfortable with the HVAC, then everyone else would be. But nothing could be further from the truth and I got a real wake up call on that. My sons were always complaining they were too hot. I chalked that up to just being in their early teens and always running around. My wife is one who will definitely get to moving the HVAC setting when no one is watching. But, it was my daughter that really hipped me up to the whole situation. I thought she was just a teenage girl who preferred to wear loose clothing. Every time I saw her, she was in a goodie and sweats. I asked her about it once and she matter of fact responded that she dressed that way because she was freezing. She said she didn’t want to complain because she appreciated all that her mother and I do for the family. That just about broke my heart. The next day, I called the HVAC people to have them come out and change our HVAC to zone control. Now, my beautiful daughter has her own HVAC zone that she can control to her specific liking.



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