Worst trip of my life, no HVAC in car or hotel

There’s nothing worse than coming back from vacation. First of all, you have this enormous sense of depression as you try to readjust to real life. After taking a timeout to go on holiday, it is especially upsetting when you come back to your regular job, regular house, and regular lifestyle. Secondly, you have to try to catch up with everything that you missed at work and around the house. Lastly, it feels like it’s unavoidable to dodge people’s questions about your vacation experience. I have found this last point especially depressing recently, after having a horrible vacation experience. I don’t really want to recall all of the hot and cold drama that we endured for several weeks. In fact, I wish that I could erase the inconsistent temperatures and horrific air qualities that we experienced from my mind forever. The trouble all started when we disembarked from the airplane and arrived at the highly air-conditioned car rental facility. Suddenly, I found myself shivering in my boots while we waited for our vehicle. When we got into the car, I was equally disappointed to find that the air conditioning didn’t work whatsoever. The extreme hot and cold temperature discrepancy did not stop there. When we arrived at the hotel it was immediately apparent that our mini split ductless heating and cooling system was not working properly in the room. No matter where we went throughout the trip, it was brutally hot or unnecessarily cold. I honestly couldn’t wait to get back home and utilize my regular old central HVAC system.

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