Why a SEER rating is something to understand

Eight years ago, my partner plus I bought a brand current Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.

It was during a Summer heat wave when the systems stopped working.

Both of us were actually cheerful at the time, because we bought the most energy efficient component that our money could buy. Both of us purchased an energy-efficient Heating plus Air Conditioning method that was rated with a 14 SEER. The SEER rating is an energy efficiency rating that tells whether or not a component will take a lot of electricity to run. At the time we purchased the 14 SEER system, it was state-of-the-art. Both of us paid more than our neighbors, plus we even got a free air purification system with the purchase. At the time of replacement, we could choose between a free air purification system or a free digital control unit. Both of us didn’t end up with any free stuff this time around, but we did gain a rebate from the electric supplier. My partner plus I found out that a 14 SEER rated method is not the most energy efficient component on the market. This time around, we looked through our chances plus purchased an 18 SEER rated Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. Both of us had the current component installed many months ago, plus I can already tell there is a sizable difference between the energy efficiency rating. The current component doesn’t run as frequently as the old one, plus we are spending less money on our energy bills. Our old yearly utility expenses were around $300. Last month, our total bill was only $225. If we continue to save a heap of money every month, the current Heating plus Air Conditioning unit will pay for itself. It would be good if this method lasts longer than 8 years.

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