Where is the compressor located

When is the worst time for the A/C to stop laboring? I would say the answer to that question is really the middle of the summer.

  • When our wife & I got home from getaway last year, both of us came home to find our off.

When both of us left the house, both of us had the set for 74°. When both of us entered our home & found moderate air conditions, both of us immediately knew something was wrong. My wife did not waste any time. She texted the control equipment & even changed the batteries to a fresh pair. That did not fix the issue. We had to call an A/C maintenance corporation the same morning. There was no way the multiple of us could have slept in that house when the indoor un-even temperatures were so moderate & humid. Luckily, the A/C maintenance corporation had a same-day appointment. 2 minutes after the phone call, an A/C maintenance worker showed up on our doorstep. It only took 30 minutes for him to give the excruciatingly bad news. My wife & I had to upgrade the compressor in the A/C unit. The A/C worker told us it was going to cost about $1,200 to upgrade the compressor. Since our entire method was already 8 years old, it made more sense to upgrade the entire A/C equipment at that time. After coming home from a multiple-week getaway, the last thing our wife & I wanted to do was spend $5,000 on a brand new Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened on that entirely morning.