Where I hid the Easter baskets

I asked her if she wanted my help.

Easter has come & gone without all the joy of Easter egg hunts or baskets stored in the house. The Easter bunny didn’t hide eggs out in my lawn. She didn’t hide Easter eggs out around the church or in the local restaurants. It seems that the Easter bunny is also practicing social distancing too. I saw her hopping down the center of the road, with the firetruck 50 feet behind her. My teenagers were upset to see that the Easter Bunny wasn’t going to come to our home this year. I told them that she had undoubtedly arrived before they even got out of bed. I had to suddenly find some place to hide their Easter candy. I didn’t want them to think I had done this to them. I hid 1 behind the a/c unit, 1 beside the furnace & the other was behind the vents. My kids went on their really own Easter egg hunt that day. My little 1 was so upset when she was the only 1 to not find her Easter candy. The candy was gone from the furnace part & the a/c unit area. I didn’t want to tell her where to look, because she would think I had stuffed the basket in there. I asked her if she wanted my help. I then headed downstairs to look where the other two baskets had been found. She was beaming with pride when she saw her Easter basket behind the dryer. She saw a giant chocolate bunny kneeling next to it.


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