We partied in the backyard.

No matter what happens in life, you always need to look at the bright side.

It doesn’t matter what the catastrophe or disaster, if you look hard enough you can find something to smile about.

Our smile came from my daughter’s eighteenth birthday. We wanted so much to have a birthday party. Due to the coronavirus, everyone was practicing social distancing and parties were banned. I figured that since I was staying home, there were a lot of chores that I had never accomplished, and I was going to do. I knew we were saving money by not going out with the car so much. I was going to have the party. I started to think about how much money we were going to save by having an outdoor party. We had a pool house with a bathroom, so no one had any reason to go in and out of the house. The air conditioning could be turned low, since the AC wouldn’t be going outside every time the door was opened. If people wanted to get out of the sun, we could have umbrellas set up around the yard. We had several patio tables and as long as only two people were at each one, we were following the six foot distance rule. There wasn’t anything we could do to give people air conditioning, but it was cool enough not to worry about AC. I knew our daughter was going to be thrilled to still have a birthday party. Next we’ll have to start planning her graduation party. We may need to think about air conditioning by then, if this social distancing hasn’t been lifted.

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