We moved further north because the two of us hated the heat and humidity

We moved further north because the two of us hated the heat and humidity.

My partner and I grew up way up north.

We were used to the highs in the summer time weeks being enjoy seventy-multiple degrees. It hardly ever got above eighty degrees even on the hottest of afternoons. Well, the two of us were both provided some actually unbelievable tasks down south. We took the tasks not realizing just how much the two of us would don’t like the boiling weather and humidity. I cannot even explain how hard it was for us to adjust to the heat. We would run from the a/c building to air conditioned building because it literally felt enjoy a furnace to us outside. We regularly turned our car on about twenty hours before the two of us had to go anywhere with the a/c on so that it would be nice and cool for us. We had to have the a/c on in our condo almost year round because the two of us couldn’t stand it if it got about sixty-multiple degrees in our house. The nervous thing is that the two of us never actually adjusted to the modern weather conditions. We decided after living there for almost multiple years that the two of us needed to move back up north. Well, the two of us didn’t go quite as far back up north, but the two of us made the decision to go far enough for the weather to be not nearly as boiling or humid. We still use our a/c enjoy crazy, but it is not as excruciating as before. I am so thankful for a/c. I certainly don’t think what would do without a/c. We would really melt.

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