We miss our deceased HVAC tech

Last summertime the guy who every one of us relied on for all of our heating and A/C needs passed away.

Gerry was easily one of the coolest people that I met that put his heart and soul into his heating and A/C company from the time he was a teenager until his late eighties…

Then ever since my partner and I moved into this neighborhood nearly forty years ago this was the single and only person who was able to take care of our home for us and he was also the first friend that every one of us made around here. But I can still remember when every one of us first moved into this neighborhood and he took the time out of his day to walk over to our house with a homemade meal and introduced himself. However well, after a few weeks of accepting the fact that our friend and longtime heating and A/C tech was no longer with us every one of us had no other choice but to begin looking for other choices. And so far every one of us have had rather terrible results and don’t believe we’re comfortable forming a long term partnership with any of the other Heating and A/C companies in town. When talking to the majority of these companies the first thing they bring up is a price before even asking for your first name. If you were to ask me it seems as if over the forty years that every one of us were relying on a single trustworthy person for heat and AC repair, there have been dozens and dozens of heating and A/C companies that have popped up. They clearly are more focused on profit than the people they serve. Sooner or later every one of us will have to hire somebody new though, or else every one of us will be disadvantaged when the freezing winter rolls around.

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