We bought some air conditioners for our new house

We bought some air conditioner for our new house. My husband decided to take a new job, and he took a significant paycut to do so. We made the decision together as a family. My husband had a great job, and he was making good money, but he was working around eighty hours a week, and he never saw me or the kids. It was too much on him not being able to be with his family hardly at all. We decided to sell our house and downsize. We moved to a mid sized old farmhouse. It has a lot of property, and it is surrounded by the most beautiful forest. We absolutely love our new house. There was no form of air conditioning in the house though, so we decided to buy a couple of air conditioners for our new home. We were used to having central air conditioning, so we knew that we had to get used to it not being sixty-eight degrees in the house year round. We did not want to go without any air conditioning though, so we bought four air conditioners. We only intended to buy two air conditioners, but we ended up getting one for free, and we gave one to our neighbor. He had never had an air conditioner before, so we thought it would be nice to give him one. He was so happy. We now have three air conditioners in our new house. We put one air conditioner in my husband’s and my bedroom, one air conditioner in the girls bedroom, and one air conditioner in the living room. The house is definitely not as cool as we are used to, but it is comfortable.



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