Transportation company needs new office building to rent

We have run our transportation company out of this rented building for over 30 years.

  • Despite the fact that there is no room to park the vans, my father refused to find a different office building to rent.

However, I am in charge of the company now. I did start looking for an office building for rent soon after he transferred the company to me. However, I didn’t find anything I really liked so we didn’t move. That was 5 years ago. Now our old rental building has a mold problem as we have to move. The owners of the building keep sending workers in to take care of the mold but the mold keeps coming back. That causes an OSHA problem for me. I can’t ask my employees to work in a rented building full of mold. So I redoubled my efforts to find an office building to rent. Many of the office buildings I toured were in just as bad of condition as this old one. I don’t want to move several times. I want to find one office building to rent and stay there for the next few decades or longer. Some of the buildings I saw had bad parking lots too. I really want to rent an office building that has space to park all of our vans and then some. Finally I found an office building to rent that has everything I wanted. It is close to the old location, it has plenty of parking, and the office is clean and newly renovated. Now I just need to find a way to move everything down here without shutting down my business even for an hour. After all, there is no rest in the transportation industry.

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