Too many people make bad air flow

Have you ever been in a really crowded department store or indoor sports arena before? If you have, you may notice that the central heating and air conditioning in those places do not work very well.

It is either too hot or too cold.

The reason for this has nothing to do with the central heating and air conditioning system unit itself. It is the fact that when you have too many people in an area, the air flow from the central heating and air conditioning system can not do its thing. Hence, this creates a very bad heating and air conditioning situation. There should be a limit to people going in places that have central heating and air conditioning systems in my opinion for this very reason. About the only way to combat this issue is if you have a super powerful commercial heating and air conditioning system that also has HVAC zone control with it. Of course we are talking a multi thousand dollar HVAC system here. But this is realistically the only way you could have an over crowded building with heating and air conditioning work properly with the air flow. Also, it doesn’t help when you have people opening and closing the doors constantly. That on top of the over crowded area disturbs the air flow and makes it impossible to have good indoor comfort and good indoor temperature and climate control. I make it a point to avoid over crowded department stores. If I see it is over crowded, I will just come back another time when it is not!


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