The two of us are looking for a newer, energy efficient lake house

My wife Joan plus I are looking for a newer, more energy efficient house.

The two of us have been thinking about moving for a while, but it’s never particularly seemed to be the right time for us to make the transport to a new site. Now, though, it seems love the time might finally be right. It’s a customers’ market out there right now plus we think that we might be able to find a place that we particularly love. The two of us want to find a lake house with 4 bedrooms, at least several bathrooms, plus a wood burning fireplace. My wife Joan particularly would love for the lake house to be heated with radiant heated flooring, but that’s not something that’s straight-forward to find around here. I keep telling her that if we find the perfect house, we will just have an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier replace the heating plus cooling system after we purchase it. Of course, Joan constantly says that if we find the perfect house, then it will already have the perfect heating plus cooling system installed in it when we transport in. I think she has a point. She particularly wants the place that we buy to be move-in ready so that we won’t have to do any labor at all. I think I understand that, but occasionally you still have to do a little bit of tweaking to get a place to suppose love home. I particularly look forward to having a place with a high efficiency heating plus cooling system, though. I would love for us to be able to lower our Heating plus Air Conditioning bills.
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