The sun is intense and I keep getting sun burns

Some people get only mild reactions to sunburns regardless of the duration of their exposure. Others like myself get violent nerve pain that feels like getting jabbed with hot grill skewers whenever our skin burns in the sunlight. It can be a profoundly uncomfortable experience for three or more days if the sunburn is severe enough. I was stubborn as a child and often refused to put on sunscreen. Even after four or five episodes of the nightmarish nerve pain, I was still reluctant to always use sunscreen when I was outdoors playing with friends. These days the sun intensity has only gotten worse in my region of the world. Although I wear sunscreen whenever I can now that I’m older, sunburn is not my only worry during summer heat waves. This increase in sun intensity is making it more and more expensive to run my air conditioner during the summer season. I used to keep the temperature below 75 degrees, but now I’m lucky if I can get it below 78 without the coil freezing over. I spoke to my HVAC specialist and he claims that my system is running at its absolute maximum capacity. Even if I bought a new air conditioner with a slightly higher SEER rating, he’s not convinced it would be enough to noticeably improve my indoor climate control experience. I have resigned myself to being comfortable with higher indoor temperatures year after year. If I have no other choice but to accept my situation and the limitations of my central HVAC system, then so be it.

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