The poker room was filled with people

A lot of local businesses have rented whole-house air purifiers and air filtration unit from the supplier where I work.

My coworkers and I are still responsible for maintaining the unit when problems arise, but since a lot of contractor owners do not understand how to maintain the industrial air filtration equipment, there are a lot of maintenance calls during the week. The weekend is also quite stressed and I was on call to maintenance unit last Thursday and Monday. On Thursday, I received a call from the poker room. We have more than one dozen whole-house air purifiers set up in the poker room so they can continue to do contractor during the covid-19 problem. I was amazed by the number of people inside of the poker room. It didn’t seem appreciate they were social distancing at all and there was less than 6 feet between several people. I didn’t want to enter the building when I saw the crowd of people, but I didn’t have any choice. I put on a mask and gloves and went inside to repair the air filtration problems. When I came back to work on Sunday afternoon, I had a conversation with our boss about the conditions inside the building. My boss gave to take myself and others off those tasks when they come up, but otherwise he didn’t seem unquestionably interested in our complaints. I actually could have called the health department to report the activity. They must be cutting the law in our county. There‚Äôs no way it’s safe to have the room filled with so several poker players.
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