The new car has air conditioning.

When the air conditioning broke down in my car, I knew I had to buy a new car. How many people can say they have had a car for fifteen years? I could, and that is why I couldn’t be upset about getting rid of this car for a new one. I tried to find a car that I could afford. I had a small budget for a new car, and I was hoping I would get a good trade in price. Unfortunately, my car didn’t have a trade-in price. It was too old and it didn’t have working air conditioning. I started looking at every car lot in the area. I knew I needed to have a car that had air conditioning. It gets really hot in the summertime and I couldn’t go to work if I had to drive without air conditioning. I worked almost twenty miles from home. That’s over half an hour of driving. After looking in ten car lots, I found a car I could afford that didn’t have air conditioning. If the car had working air conditioning, it looked like a piece of trash, or it needed a lot of repairs. I knew that eventually I would find a car, but I was getting disheartened. I was talking to a friend of mine and she told me that her father was going to trade in his car. He does a lot of travelling and he got a new car every couple years. She talked to her dad and he offered to sell me his car for whatever I could pay. It ran well, and it had air conditioning.


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