The most comfortable “inlaw” house ever

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than staying in somebody else’s home. When you’re in the comfort of your own house you are the king of the castle. You can control the lighting, the heating and cooling, and the activities going on around you. When you step into somebody else’s house, however, everything goes out the window. You are at the mercy of other humans preferences and personal comforts until you can get back home. This is especially the case when it comes to staying with your in-laws. I’ve never had a great experience at the parents’ homes of my significant others. There was one home, however, that was extremely comfortable from an objective standpoint. They had the best heating and cooling system I’ve ever felt in my life. When you walked into this house, it was like stepping into a walk-in freezer. Their air conditioning was always kept so low that the air was crisp and fresh year-round. It felt like you were breathing a little slice of heaven whenever you could enjoy their air purification system along with their high quality air conditioning unit. The two air quality control appliances worked in tandem to create the optimal indoor air quality and maintain a perfect, even indoor air temperature. Even in the dead of winter, I remember shivering in their house and appreciating the feeling of air conditioning on my skin. I never slept so soundly as I did in this home, and there’s no doubt that it was their central HVAC system more than their personalities.

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