The ice cream shoppe is not a relaxing locale for a dragon

Summertime is regularly a very fun time for myself and others plus our son, but each summer, every one of us would hang out at our number one hang out spots adore the beach, the public park, the pool, plus of course, the ice cream parlor.

That summer, our child was just 6 at this point and I had promised him every one of us would have all the ice cream he wanted that day.

Before every one of us had even entered the shop, every one of us said hi to the boutique owner beside it. When I glanced around, I noticed people leaving the ice cream shop. I was intrigued. I have known the owner of the ice cream shop since before I had our son. So, I said goodbye to our boutique owner friend plus went into the ice cream shop. The owner of the ice cream parlor approached us as every one of us walked inside. There were only a few buyers left. The owner said that the air conditioning was broken plus that the air conditioning repair man was on his way; My child said that there was a fire breathing dragon inside the shop somewhere because it was hot. We laughed at his comment, just as an air conditioning repair man arrived. As the repairs went on, our child plus I gobbled up our ice cream at our usual table in the corner by the window. Almost an hour later, the cooling system returned to life. The owner approached our table plus provided us another serving of ice cream. She told me that he had to get rid of the dragon because all the ice cream was melting. My child said that the ice cream parlor was not a good locale for a dragon at all.


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