The HVAC tech was seven feet tall

My wife and I have a very large house situated on 10 acres of farmland.

We have horses, chickens, cows, and sheep. We also have two dogs and a cat. The Farmhouse is quite large and it has been in our family for the past 50 years. During the past 10 years, my wife and I have worked hard to make a lot of upgrades to the house. When we received the home in a will, we decided to move back home and live on the farm. There was a lot of work to do and we had to fix up the barn and clean all of the pens. We started working on the house after everything outside was fixed. The first thing we did was install a central HVAC system. The Farmhouse did not have any central heat or air conditioning, but my wife and I were going to live in the place full time and central HVAC was a must. My wife called an HVAC contractor and set up an appointment so they could take a look at the house and give us an estimate. The HVAC contractor was almost 7ft tall. He had to duck his head when he came through the front door. The HVAC contractor was the tallest person I have ever seen in real life. I know that there are some basketball stars that are taller, but I have never seen someone so large and impressive. It was hard not to stare at the gentleman as he walked around the house. When the HVAC crew showed up to complete all of the installation work, the tall guy was not one of the crew members. I’m glad he wasn’t there, because I couldn’t stop staring.



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