The HVAC industry is booming at this moment

A lot of Industries have taken a hit since the coronavirus closed everything down.

Restaurants, hotels, brocers, and bars are all suffering the effects of lost customers and sales.

The HVAC industry is actually booming at this moment. I own a small HVAC business in the metropolitan area. We are usually busy during this time of the year with AC repairs and service calls. In fact, we have a special every spring on AC tune-ups. When I found out that things were going to shut down, I worried about my small business. Fortunately, I found a way to stay open. I was the only person working on AC jobs for an entire week. Slowly, a few of my employees have come back to work. I have gloves and masks available for everyone to wear, and each truck is equipped with a gallon of hand sanitizer. All of my employees have been directed to use all of these precautions daily. The first few weeks after the everything shut down, we were incredibly slow. Now the phone is ringing off the hook. Everyone in the area is looking for help with installing air purifiers and air filters. Air filtration machines can be very helpful right now, and anyone with a few dollars in their pocket is opting to make the installation. I had to order 6 air purifiers from the distributor yesterday. During all of last year and the previous year, I only ordered a total of 5 air purifiers from the same distributor. It’s very easy to see that business is booming at the moment.

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