The HOA is wrong

Whenever I can be included in something that’s intended for the greater good, I commit. I’m this way in my professional life in addition to my personal life. I do this because I love to help the greater good, because I understand the way groups tend to act when there’s benefits to all stakeholders. This is why when the HOA was reacting horribly to a minor Heating & Air Conditioning situation, I found it ridiculous. I get how they want to protect the value of the neighborhood’s homes in addition to property and how there are standards that are set in order to ensure that is the case. However, the HOA went after some really wonderful homeowners because of a really insignificant Heating & Air Conditioning issue. There is an elderly couple in our community who aren’t doing well financially at the moment. They’ve been threatened with fines in addition to legal action due to the tone of their Heating & Air Conditioning compressor. Their Heating & Air Conditioning compressor is simply faded from the sun and the HOA wants them to completely substitute their Heating & Air Conditioning compressor. It’s the most cruel situation I could imagine. I couldn’t do anything about the situation, so with some other neighbors, we retaliated against the HOA. Not only did everyone overwhelm the last HOA meeting with people who adamantly opposed the misinterpretation of the bylaws, but we also retained legal counsel to show those power hungry fools that we wouldn’t tolerate it. It will be fascinating to see how it all turns out, but I promise that I won’t let it go in the name of what’s right in addition to fairness.

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