The doctor said that we should install an air purification system

When I went to see my allergy doctor last week, he ended up telling me that he thought we should install an air purification system in our house.

  • This comes after several months of me going in there to talk with him about all of the problems that I’m having with my allergies this year.

I have had really terrible symptoms this year and I’m trying all kinds of different combinations of drugs but it’s not really helping me very much. So when I went to the doctor last week, he took a totally different approach on things. He suggested that I call my HVAC company whenever I got home and talk to them about having a whole home air purification system installed in the house. I had never even heard of a whole home air purification system before, and so I was interested to find out what in the world he was even talking about. When I got home, I called my local HVAC company and spoke to a professional HVAC technician about the issues I was having. He totally agreed with my doctor that a whole home air purification system would probably help with my allergy issues. He also suggested that we do a professional air duct cleaning at our house too. I am really hopeful that between the air purifier and the air duct cleaning, my allergy symptoms will abate and I won’t be quite so miserable for the remainder of the year. It’s got to help the indoor air quality some, and that should affect my breathing.

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