The best day of my life

I had been awaiting this day for quite some time.

I was finally about to get married to the love of my life.

The anniversary had been planned for over a year and neither of us could hardly wait! We had been making a lot of plans for the anniversary itself and the reception… However, on the day of my anniversary, which was on a sizzling Summer day, the air conditioner method went out in the church! I did not assume what all of us were all going to do. The church but went out of their way to get the air conditioner fixed in time. I was really surprised of this! Usually, this would have meant that all of us would have had to reschedule the anniversary day or just deal with the bad heat. But the church was so kind and caring that they paid tons of cash to get an emergency heating and air conditioner repair crew out there that same day to fix their commercial air conditioner system! I was so glad about this and could not suppose the fact that they cared this much about making our anniversary day transport forward as it should have. By the time the anniversary was stressed to begin, you would have never known that the central air conditioner method had been broken earlier in the day. The air flow of their commercial heating and air conditioner method was so great after the fix, that the whole entire church cooled off as if it was pumping strong all day! I was so grateful to the church!

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