Terrible timing for HVAC system repair

My husband and I recently traveled out of the state for a close friend’s wedding.

During the global pandemic we were as safe as possible.

We wore masks every time we were in public and used hand sanitizer very frequently. However, our state has certain rules about traveling and because we left the state we now have to quarantine in our house for two weeks. We have to follow the quarantine rules or we might get a very large fine from the government. So we are going to have to stay up for two weeks. So of course on the second day of our quarantine the heating and cooling system in our house stopped working. We didn’t really know what to do because technically we shouldn’t have an HVAC tech come out to the house but we can’t go two weeks with the heating and cooling system in our house working. It is the middle of the summer and it’s so hot outside everyday and it is miserably hot in our house without the air conditioner. So, I think I am going to have to call an HVAC company and have them come out to the house. My husband and I are feeling good so I think it will be safe for the HVAC tech to come and repair our HVAC system. I just hope that the government doesn’t find out because on top of the cost of the HVAC repair we would have to pay a $500 fine!
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