Super happy to live with air conditioners

I recently began watching a television show on Hulu that is called 80 Day Fiance. Many folks from this country meet Partners online and then fall in care with people that live abroad. Those couples have to obtain a process so there fiance can obtain a visa from different countries. Sometimes they need to obtain an orange card in order to live in America. There is a single couple on this show that particularly stands directly to me. The mail person is in his 50s and another person is much younger. She lives inside this terrible country. The show recorded much of Ed’s trip when first arriving in this country. They stayed in a nice hotel with an air conditioner. It was overheated and directly humid and Rose had not stayed in such a nice hotel with the air conditioner. Of course there was not any air conditioning after meeting with roses family. She lives in this terrible section where there are no showers or sinks. The neighborhood has two stores and none of those stores have air conditioning. People try to base with water bucket. She has a large fan inside of the room, but when the power kicked out there was not a single bit of air circulation. Of course it makes much sense that Rose would choose to go to a place where air conditioning is available everywhere. Ed makes find currency so it would be possible for Rose to live in a place where there is central heating and also air conditioning. Watching the television show made me feel very happy to live here.


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