Space oil furnace in the bathroom is not exactly safe

There are those times when I am really concerned that my property is going to burn to the ground! I try especially hard to be careful with everything although I have this unusual premonition that I am going to watch my life go up in flames someday.

  • I envision myself sitting on the street in the midst of the night while the fire department runs around my property, illuminated by the brilliant light of my property on fire.

I haven’t been able to get this imagery out of my head recently plus I suppose I get the reason why… It’s not only because I am paranoid, it’s because of my space heater… You see, I came to realize many months ago that the bathroom fan in this property does not work. There’s a fairly large ventilation fan located in the master bathroom but it does nothing to be honest… When I flip the switch to turn on the ventilation unit the only thing that happens is a ton of terrible noise. My air quality never changes plus I don’t actually believe that the indoor air is ever vented outside. Furthermore, I don’t actually think that the heating plus cooling ductwork leading to the bathroom really provides any high-quality indoor air. It seems basically like the heating plus cooling equipment is not attached whatsoever. This is why I wound up using a small space oil furnace in my bathroom to circumvent the ice cold days separate from any heating! Regrettably, I don’t feel too good about using the space heater. I believe that I am just one accidental towel-misplacement away from burning down my entire property. Until I can finally afford a heating, cooling, plus air quality control appointment to repair the heating plus cooling equipment…I take as few showers as possible.

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