Space heating appliance in the powder room could be dangerous

There are times when I’m really worried that our beach dwelling is going to burn to the ground… I try really hard to be careful with everything but I have this different premonition that I’m going to watch my life go up in sparks someday.

I envision myself standing on the street in the middle of the night while the fire department hustles around our property, illuminated by the massive light of our beach dwelling being on fire.

I have not been able to get this imagery out of my head recently and I guess I know why… It’s not only because I’m paranoid, it’s because of my area heater. You see, I realized many weeks ago that the powder room fan in this beach dwelling does not work… There’s a large ventilation fan located in the master powder room but it does nothing. When I flip the switch to turn on the ventilation equipment the only thing that happens is a bunch of exhausting noise. My air quality never swings and I do not actually believe that the indoor air is ever vented outside. On top of that, I do not really think that the heating and cooling HVAC duct leading to the powder room genuinely provides any decent air quality. It seems basically like the heating and cooling appliance is not attached whatsoever. This is why I wound up using a small area heating appliance in our powder room to circumvent the frosty afternoons without any heating. Regrettably, I do not feel so good about using the area heater. I suppose that I’m just one accidental towel-misplacement away from burning down our entire dwelling. Until I can finally cover the cost for a heating, cooling, and air quality control appointment to repair the heating and cooling appliance…I take as few showers as possible.


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