Somebody told me that I should sell my air conditioner

I can’t believe that somebody told me that I should sell my nice window air conditioner. They didn’t want to help me until I was willing to sell my window air conditioner. Since the person that told me to sell the air conditioner was my pastor, I guess that I will no longer be attending that church anymore. Things have been financially tight right now, and we have been struggling to pay our bills. Things really went downhill. Before I lost my job, I was doing pretty well financially. I was even able to buy the window air conditioners that I was just discussing. Our house gets very hot, and my kids were so excited about the central air conditioners. That is when it was so sad when the pastor told us that we should sell the air conditioners. The reason that things have been so tight is the loss of my job. I had just enough money to pay almost all of my bills for a month, but I have fallen behind on my electricity bill. Our church offers to help those in need, so I contacted the pastor about receiving help paying my bill. Instead of offering to help, the pastor said that I did not deserve the money since I have a window air conditioner that is nice. He said that if I really wanted to help my family, I would be willing to sell the window air conditioner. I couldn’t believe it. We pay for his central air conditioner and his house, and he won’t help me with my electricity bill unless I sell my window air conditioner!
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