Some people just don't listen

Okay, so I need to vent a little.

1 of the things I really dislike about some people is how they naturally believe they are so much better than you, especially at your assigned task.

I don’t believe when becoming a Heating as well as A/C specialist has become something of lower status to some folks, but it’s certainly very annoying. Anyways, there’s a few repeat purchasers I have at our Heating as well as A/C biz, as well as they are the genre I dislike to deal with. The genre that instantaneously assumes that they think more than you, as well as any advice you supply just goes through 1 single ear as well as out the other. It’s insanely annoying. A good example of this is late last Thursday, I went to a single of these customer’s houses, because their air conditioning system was making a very weird clicking noise, as well as not the official clicking noise they make when they turn on. I go to inspect the air conditioner unit, as well as I see why it is making a weird noise. The capacitor was going to fail, which was extreme as well as could mess up their entire heating as well as the cooling system. Suddenly, they changed their mind as well as thought I was over worrying so I figured that it was a branch tapping against their Heating as well as A/C device. I’m not exactly sure why they would call me out if they thought it was a branch, but whatever, it’s their money right? I warned them anyway that they needed a current capacitor, but I could tell that they weren’t listening to me, then guess what I had to do a few weeks later? Yep, upgrade their entire air conditioning machine because the capacitor had destroyed it. I still have this customer, as well as they still don’t ever listen to me. Some people never learn.
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