She said her hair was falling out from the heat.

My daughter wanted a puppy since she had been three years old.

Last year, we bought her a puppy for her birthday. She was six plus we thought it would be something for her to grow up with plus be responsible for. Now that Christmas is on its way, so is the cold air. My wife is complaining about all of the dog hair that is on the sofa plus the carpeting. She is constantly pulling out the vacuum to get rid of more dog hair. Last month she told me to change the air filter. It was getting to the point where we had dog hair floating in the air. It seemed to be coming out of the air vents. Our daughter came downstairs, plus she was telling me how the dog’s hair was beginning to fall out. She said the oil furnace was too tepid for the dog to be shedding. I was beginning to wonder why we had so much dog hair in the air since it wasn’t summer. Summer is the normal time for a dog to shed. I looked at the puppy plus sure enough she had thin spots of hair. I went downstairs to change the oil furnace air filter plus I pulled the air vents to look inside. I called the HVAC corporation plus asked them if they could scrub the HVAC duct this time of year. They promised to send someone out the next week. In the meantime, I had to figure out why the dog was shedding. It wasn’t much of a mystery when I saw my daughter combing the dog’s hair with the thinning comb.
Cooling technician